One of my favourite countries so far !!! ❤ ❤ !!

So I’ve learnt that it takes less than a day to travel from East to West of Switzerland! How exciting would that be!

I went in the Summertime. One of the best times to go. Scorching sun and beautiful scenery. and the best thing is that it’s completely normal to go swimming in the rivers and lakes! Just jump right in! in the clear blue waters. Beau-ti-ful! Mount Rigi is the place to go to visit the highest mountain. You have to go up by cable car and then walk the rest of the way, if you wish, or take the bus 😛 . It is recommended take if you want to see the sights of everything, to by a day pass all at once, as each boat/bus/train trip can be expensive on its own.

Warning: Switzerland is indeed an expensive place. Coming out of Zurich station you have your normal high street, your forever 21, H&M type shops and as you get further along you reach Bahnhofstrasse, which is the place you need to go if you want to visit the expensive side. Diamonds and pearls, watches, and tailored hats and suits. Marvellous. and at the end is the lake. The people are also friendly.

I shall be back!! 😀

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