Italy – Rome

As I left the plane and planning my way to go to the hotel, I knew to be cautious of those money making people. I did my research beforehand. It would only be about 5-10 euros to the main station, and my hotel was only a few metres away. However, as a young girl in the middle of the night, I gave in. They initially wanted 50 euros! That’s 10x the price, but I managed to haggle it down to 25. The car journey was pleasant, and they dropped me off on the opposite of the hotel. However, the driver demand 35 Euros! The cheek! This excuse was that his colleague did not make it clear.  I was having non of that, told him, clearly the price agreed was 25, and left abruptly giving him just that! What a fiasco, at least I was safe at the hotel.

I stayed in Hotel Cressy. This was a small hotel. You get what you pay for, but it was nice. My room was simple and had what I need, with a reasonable view. Bed lighting and a fan if needed. The manger, speaks English enough to get by and a very nice chap.

I only had one and a half days to spend, and had to make the most off of it. I went straight to it. I did my research and managed to book my Vatican tickets online beforehand to save the queue. Ideal!. Afterwards, the Colosseum, and as predicted, it started to rain. It rained HEAVY. then it Thunderstormed and Lighting stroked too! But that didn’t stop me.P1010052.JPG

Day 2 – I saw all the attractions, and one of my favourite things in the world is the sea. And I could leave without having a dip, with it being so near, and clear blue scorching sky. So I got myself an espresso and croissant at the train station and headed for Ostia. First off to see the ruins of Ostia Antica. Remains of houses and theatres, gardens, castles and all sorts. It was a large place and I wish I had more time there to enjoy. I still needed to head to the sea. It was only a 10 minute train ride away. I was quite simple to get to, just a straight line from the station, but another 10-15 walk. (On top of the sun burning at me!) It was crowded, and took a while as most of the places were private. Once I found a spot. Boy, It. Was. Gorgeous!! It is my favourite holiday place. Clear blue sea, clear blue sky, no distractions, just pure enjoyment, taking it all in. Beau-ti-full! There were people around trying to sell things, buy they weren’t out to disturb you. There was even a dance class of some sort going on. Music to liven up my day more! : D  Ostia was a lovely place for a seaside getaway. Though a bit empty for a full on shopping spree. There are some nice markets, a local supermarkets and lovely churches for sights too.

Unfortunately, I had to head back to Rome station, to catch the next train to Biella. But I could leave without having the Italians finest Ice Cream. Yum.

In Short – Touristy but worthwhile. Highlight – Ostia beach (plus for weather), and The Vatican!