I’m happy

I’m most happy that I’ve been in a long long time. Don’t misunderstand; maybe becuase I’m a little intoxicated. But I’m happy. I’m happy because I have my new family. I have my family who cares for me. And Most Most of all I. Am. In. Love. And I and happy. No matter how much … More I’m happy

Christmas Day/eve

This year was this first Christmas without my parents, and the thought of it, the build up, would make me crumble inside. Christmas time is a important time for me; a time where my family would come together and be merry. To forget about all the bad times of the year, to just enjoy and … More Christmas Day/eve

What is a friend?

What is a friend? (noun) A person who is not an enemy or opponent; an ally This is the most appropriate term I could find to define a friend. Under oxford dictionaries, it has many and one meanings. A term when you tell someone you are their friend, brings great meaning, yet it is horribly … More What is a friend?