The road I choose

Recently I need to make some decisions, life changing decisions. And the more self aware I become, the more I realise that everything I do is life changing. Every decision. From the food choices I make to the mear thoughts that motivate me. The love life I chose. The carrer, or not so career, the … More The road I choose


This week will be difficult. Or will be difficult for me becuase I have less freedom. We have a visitor staying with us, and my habits are completely different, and in the inconvenience of the visitor. I don’t want to disturb them in the early mornings, or in the way of their space. It’s difficult. … More Continue


Confused. What to do. Do I continue to stay strong, keep going or do I let it all out, and release. ? I’m starting to lose it again. I’m trying to stay strong. But the wind blows and you strengthen your feet firmer onto the ground. Swept , into the heart of the hurricane. I’m … More Help