Finding peace in the silence. The beauty in the pain. Music is to soul.Soul is to love.Love heals all.

I dare not say

Whatever I do in life. I just can’t seem to make it right.  From head to toe. I am a lost soul.  One journey to the next, one failed idea to another. O, how so Tiresome!!  Hark, I fear I have gone to far, clasping onto the rare pieces of me. ..trying not to be … More I dare not say


A recurring theme in my posts is the need to be understood. Through my journey, I have understood that I no longer need to search for the need to be loved, for loving myself is enough. However, I am yet to discover, the equivalent for the need to be understood. Is it that I do … More Ill


Life is a battle. ‘Living to fail, failing to succed’. Battles are one we must come across in life, to allow us to continue the road ahead. Sometimes we fail and it takes us a long time to get where we want to be. We may look to other sources for help, one that we’d … More Walls