Finding peace in the silence. The beauty in the pain. Music is to soul.Soul is to love.Love heals all.

The selfie I see

Your sunglasses over your eyes, What stories do you painfully hide? The make up upon your face,  Unneeded, for you shine out all your grace.  The smile that lingers on the corners of your mouth, Real and sincere or is it something that you have long feared. And behind you the ocean, the sea, What … More The selfie I see

Work hard

You are beside me, Yet I feel so lonely. I came to see you,  Yet that we have not honed. Tears I cry, I thought I had learnt. Trust you’re instinct,  Or I my hard work shall thoroughly become extinct. 

Sorry for the illusion

I’m sorry to myself that I’m this infatuated by you, I’m sorry to myself that I’ve made myself blue. I had long come to the conclusion, That it was all just an illusion, I knew it could never be, I knew we couldn’t forever be. Wanting together with me

The beast

A tiger, A beast, Teeth so sharp, And a body so big, With muscles that would tear you apart, So strong, That it ate it’s way… Deep inside my heart .

While you’re away

I try and satisfy myself while you are away  Just so I can survive another day, I wish I could share, show you all, But what difference does it make, I know it’ll drive me more crazy, and you’re not really beside me at all.

I am disintegrating I have lost a part of my soul I try to forget I try to start fresh  But it feels like I’m going crazy, so dillisional  More infatuated by the second What have I done  When will this all end  To continue the life I had  To find myself again 

Waiting… ..

It was just last week,  I crawled into your arms,  You surprised me, Overwhelmed, made me feel week. It was only seven days ago, I could touch your face, your skin, You was real, In heavens and reminding me that you are nothing of a John Doe. One week, Seven days, Hundred and sixty eight … More Waiting… ..