Christmas Day/eve

This year was this first Christmas without my parents, and the thought of it, the build up, would make me crumble inside. Christmas time is a important time for me; a time where my family would come together and be merry. To forget about all the bad times of the year, to just enjoy and … More Christmas Day/eve

What do I fear?

So quick update from my previous post. ..I got cold feet. I didn’t go ahead to sign the contract to move out to live with what might be great people, in a new town full of adventures. I asked myself what had I become; not taking this wonderful opportunity (but to be honest the room … More What do I fear?

The next stage

Finally, it’s becoming real. Learning from last years ‘failure’ of job hunting, I’ve decided to change strategies and first move out. Tomorrow is signing day. I am nervous. It’s a fresh start, something I’ve been waiting for for a long time. A nervous excitement perhaps, but if I’m not ready now, I don’t think I’ll … More The next stage


Today has been …. A reminder. It’s been an alright day. I forced myself out of bed earlier than I normally get up. I ate good breakfast and exercise. Then I did my work, and exercised some more. I’d say it has been an achievement,  because it has been more than I have made myself … More Reminded