Today is my 25th birthday. This marks a another wakening in my life; the last most vivid was when I was 16, something randomly suddenly clicked and then the mind changes.  Today wasn’t another random click, but more of a help from my love. Since I left university and home ridden with all the love … More Awoke. 

I am I reason?

I don’t like to see you intoxicatingly yourself. Building toxins and layers and layers and layers and layers. I die a little each time. Each time I see you, it breaks my heart…to see like this. I know your try. But what hurts the most, is when ‘if I had been there a minute earlier … More I am I reason?

We are one.

A psychology experiment founds that a all female household has a more likely probability that the females will menstruate at the same time.  I am with you because you make me happy. It’s always been easy being around you, so comfortable. The longer I’m with you, the longer I feel I admire you. I find … More We are one.


我跟著尼個男人哭左幾多次…. 我數不了。為了什麼,….哭是為了愛嗎?他令到我哭是愛嗎? 我好爱他。但點解會这样呢?是我做錯了决定吗?….my perfect suddenly becomes imperfect. A world turned upside down, a darkness drawing in. I can’t but think this is the right thing for me. But is that the leash that is holding me back? Is that the reason, the excuse for not pursuing what else is rightfully mine..  So I can continue … More 又来了……