Current feeling

A strange feeling. I’m trying to understand my situation, and what I’m suppose to do for me right now. It’s a strange feeling because I’m numb in a different way. Before, I was numb from pain and isolation etc, that would hurt and I would cry. I wouldn’t say I’ve got used to it. I … More Current feeling

The need to blog

I haven’t posted for a while, and now I have/am started to seen a new light in things. Blogging for me was a way of release. To let go of all these feelings of sadness, rejections, anger, etc. I don’t use it to seek attention, (although sometimes being heard can be good), but that sense of … More The need to blog

Lost memories

My photos are important to me. I recently lost my memory card..that’s Six months worth of photos, that’s over 180 days worth. It’s may not seem like anything to you. But a photo can say a thousand words. The human memory fades. As stupid as it may make us sound, we need to think about … More Lost memories