I’m happy

I’m most happy that I’ve been in a long long time. Don’t misunderstand; maybe becuase I’m a little intoxicated. But I’m happy. I’m happy because I have my new family. I have my family who cares for me. And Most Most of all I. Am. In. Love. And I and happy. No matter how much … More I’m happy

He loves me

That is undeniable. So so unargureable. The way he moves, the sacrifice he makes. Every thought, every action. The more you are with me, I more I see of you. A genuine love. Blooming with joy amd care. He loves me. There is no other way.

Love changes us

Maybe because I’m still young, or maybe it’s another reason why he is The One. Of course the answer is both. I met him at a time when I was lost, and he makes me feel secure. Safe. And now growing, and growing together, it’s so surreal. Although Id imagine how different it’d be if … More Love changes us


Today I feel excitement. At this very moment. The most I’ve felt alllllll year. : D. The moment when my darling cariño comes home, and all this bubble build up inside me and I just explofe for some reason. Normally I’m not a talkative person, I like to thinking carefully, be peaceful etc, slow, calm. … More Excitement

Our big fight

Last night we had a big fight. It makes me sad. I hurt the one I love. I also hurt myself, both inside and outside. What happened is that I was crazzzy tired building up for daays. I was holding onto nothing, just my will to continue to the next day after another anticipating another … More Our big fight