Today is my 25th birthday. This marks a another wakening in my life; the last most vivid was when I was 16, something randomly suddenly clicked and then the mind changes.  Today wasn’t another random click, but more of a help from my love. Since I left university and home ridden with all the love … More Awoke. 


Recently I’ve been getting more frequent headaches. I guess it’s from all the not so ‘stress’ I’ve been getting. I’ve tried so hard. What does life want me to do!???! I no longer feel at home in my own home. It feels like a hostel. My parents like housemates, or not even that. I am … More Headache…?


A recurring theme in my posts is the need to be understood. Through my journey, I have understood that I no longer need to search for the need to be loved, for loving myself is enough. However, I am yet to discover, the equivalent for the need to be understood. Is it that I do … More Ill