Recently I’ve been getting more frequent headaches. I guess it’s from all the not so ‘stress’ I’ve been getting. I’ve tried so hard. What does life want me to do!???! I no longer feel at home in my own home. It feels like a hostel. My parents like housemates, or not even that. I am … More Headache…?


A recurring theme in my posts is the need to be understood. Through my journey, I have understood that I no longer need to search for the need to be loved, for loving myself is enough. However, I am yet to discover, the equivalent for the need to be understood. Is it that I do … More Ill

I am young

I am young. I want to be admired. I want to be loved. So much beauty inside of me. So much ecstasy. A young heart, that wants to run wild and free. Take me beyond the clouds and far far away. I’m still young, and let me be young, let me travel beyond the stars, … More I am young