Update. The balance of life and working hard. Keep Momentum

We all don’t really have it all figured out in life. It comes when it comes; like a gust of wind.  …As they say, adapt and flow with it like water. The balance/situation is this..from Months of no job at all to now 3 jobs at once; from years of promiscuity to now owning myself. … More Update. The balance of life and working hard. Keep Momentum


I was So over you. I lived my life without waiting on you. I lived my life without my heart beating fast every time I think about you. And then, and then Suddenly. Suddenly, it all just came rushing back at me. It feels strange, why did it have to return.? You brought me flowers … More Suddenly

Day of birth

Yesterday was the day of my birth. The many years of life that has taught me lessons and given me experiences. Some people see it as another day. But I believe it is important to really understand how your presence on Earth has made a difference. This was the best birthday celebration ever. Lasting 3 … More Day of birth


Life. Life. Life. Excitement, non-excitement, prejudice, influences, people, things , dot dot dot … The current situation is, .. hmm.. I’m still unemployed – I’ve avoid how long it’s been since I’ve quit my job (that would make it more ‘depressing’). However, it’s been a long while. Long enough, that I should have broken by … More Update