The road I choose

Recently I need to make some decisions, life changing decisions. And the more self aware I become, the more I realise that everything I do is life changing. Every decision. From the food choices I make to the mear thoughts that motivate me. The love life I chose. The carrer, or not so career, the … More The road I choose

Take me away

Stone cold.  I bury myself hidden in my sheets.  An invisibility cloak.  Please don’t look at me.  Hide me away, from everything I am. Everything I must face.  Stone cold.  A fight, a battle, convolution. A war of strength or a war of wits .  Stone cold.  Battling it out. Churning inside, telling me what … More Take me away

What do I fear?

So quick update from my previous post. ..I got cold feet. I didn’t go ahead to sign the contract to move out to live with what might be great people, in a new town full of adventures. I asked myself what had I become; not taking this wonderful opportunity (but to be honest the room … More What do I fear?