I’m happy

I’m most happy that I’ve been in a long long time. Don’t misunderstand; maybe becuase I’m a little intoxicated. But I’m happy. I’m happy because I have my new family. I have my family who cares for me. And Most Most of all I. Am. In. Love. And I and happy. No matter how much … More I’m happy

Christmas Day/eve

This year was this first Christmas without my parents, and the thought of it, the build up, would make me crumble inside. Christmas time is a important time for me; a time where my family would come together and be merry. To forget about all the bad times of the year, to just enjoy and … More Christmas Day/eve

The next stage

Finally, it’s becoming real. Learning from last years ‘failure’ of job hunting, I’ve decided to change strategies and first move out. Tomorrow is signing day. I am nervous. It’s a fresh start, something I’ve been waiting for for a long time. A nervous excitement perhaps, but if I’m not ready now, I don’t think I’ll … More The next stage


Today has been …. A reminder. It’s been an alright day. I forced myself out of bed earlier than I normally get up. I ate good breakfast and exercise. Then I did my work, and exercised some more. I’d say it has been an achievement,  because it has been more than I have made myself … More Reminded

Day of birth

Yesterday was the day of my birth. The many years of life that has taught me lessons and given me experiences. Some people see it as another day. But I believe it is important to really understand how your presence on Earth has made a difference. This was the best birthday celebration ever. Lasting 3 … More Day of birth


Life. Life. Life. Excitement, non-excitement, prejudice, influences, people, things , dot dot dot … The current situation is, .. hmm.. I’m still unemployed – I’ve avoid how long it’s been since I’ve quit my job (that would make it more ‘depressing’). However, it’s been a long while. Long enough, that I should have broken by … More Update