Take me away

Stone cold.  I bury myself hidden in my sheets.  An invisibility cloak.  Please don’t look at me.  Hide me away, from everything I am. Everything I must face.  Stone cold.  A fight, a battle, convolution. A war of strength or a war of wits .  Stone cold.  Battling it out. Churning inside, telling me what … More Take me away

I am young

I am young. I want to be admired. I want to be loved. So much beauty inside of me. So much ecstasy. A young heart, that wants to run wild and free. Take me beyond the clouds and far far away. I’m still young, and let me be young, let me travel beyond the stars, … More I am young

Being away from you

Being away from you,                                 makes me blue. I try to get on with life, But I cannot go for a minute without thinking of you,                     …being away from you. My heart has been broken many times, I’ve cried my eyes swollen many times,                     …being away from you. And now I’ve learnt my … More Being away from you