Why the hurt?

Why do I do this to myself? Why do I do this to you? Is there any meaning to this? I love you. Love is the uncontrollable feeling one gives to you. Not being able to control your thoughts of love, no being able to control your actions of love. To give up and sacrifice … More Why the hurt?

Becoming an Adult

I’m 23. Yet we all know that age doesn’t mean a thing. Being cotton wooled most of my life means I followed instructions and did as I was told because those things protected me. However, all those things meant that I couldn’t think for myself. It meant that I didn’t know what to do when … More Becoming an Adult

Current feeling

A strange feeling. I’m trying to understand my situation, and what I’m suppose to do for me right now. It’s a strange feeling because I’m numb in a different way. Before, I was numb from pain and isolation etc, that would hurt and I would cry. I wouldn’t say I’ve got used to it. I … More Current feeling