Thursday 14 June

Today I woke up stressed. I woke up a bit late. And didn’t have time to go for my morning run. Even my colleague said to me smile and tried to make me laugh. Everyone here is nice, and smiles, most enough people anyway. It’s a good thing, that every corner I go, there is … More Thursday 14 June

Two days after

We have now become aquatainces. Coming and going after work. Saying the necessary. Hi. And bye. And sharing a small light hearted information. For me it’s nice in a way. To start from the beginning. But I cannot say that because he cannot, as we are heartbroken, as it will not be the same. Unfortunately. … More Two days after


One of my first memories of you was speaking so strangely, as I uncontrollably gazed at you at the opposite side of the room. I’ll never forgot that moment, when I realised what I was doing, and tried to shake my head away of the mere suction. Two years one since I met you. A … More Changes

This will end

The conclusion after the finale. I must change who I am. My culture, my personality – my excitement, my cuteness, my sexiness, my curiousity, my shine. That was the conclusion. The conclusion, that I have failed so many times, that he is unable to love me anymore. To be romantic, to be lovely, to laugh,…most … More This will end

I’m tired

Here. I am. Again. To share. My thoughts. Today has been….let’s say, an enlightening day. I woke up in a bad mood, and shortly realised I was on my period. (It also resulted in my sunglasses being stolen.) And then the say rolled out and we argued. It wasn’t so bad this time. We talked. … More I’m tired