He was happy

He lasted one week. Seven days. Seven days of freedom. Of happiness. Of bliss. That whatever came to him, he wouldnt let get to him. No matter what I said to him, what I did, he would still be happy. On top of the world, as they say. Those days I appreciated so much, and … More He was happy


I love him. Today. I slept in bed till late, and got up at 12.45, showered, tidy the house and had a good breakfast. All I wanted to do was tidy the house. But unfortunately, he didn’t like it. I apologise for making the effort to tidy. We have different perceptions of what is tidy, … More 28/02/18

He loves me

That is undeniable. So so unargureable. The way he moves, the sacrifice he makes. Every thought, every action. The more you are with me, I more I see of you. A genuine love. Blooming with joy amd care. He loves me. There is no other way.

Love changes us

Maybe because I’m still young, or maybe it’s another reason why he is The One. Of course the answer is both. I met him at a time when I was lost, and he makes me feel secure. Safe. And now growing, and growing together, it’s so surreal. Although Id imagine how different it’d be if … More Love changes us

What is love

I love him because of many reasons and I love doesn’t need to justify anything. I love him because he is not like any other I have met before in my life….respectful, funny, loving, caring, true. He loves me, and I see it in his eyes, in his heart. But today I ask myself how … More What is love

Happiness is…Me

Day is my day off, and I love the idea is going to London, into the city, with so much to discover. But I’ve been to London many times,…and this excitiment is…dying. This takes me back to my early days is self discovery, I was jobless, and didn’t know what to do. I was depressed, … More Happiness is…Me