Bucket List

I don’t see myself as particularly materialistic, and I’m not a person to want many things in life … but…I’d like to think to have a bucket list, to fill my life with wonderful things live has to offer. A bucket list is a goal of exciting things yet to come. .. a dream soon to come true. Rather than tormenting myself that these events are yet to happen… They will be my goals to remind me. Goals that will be achieved!!

A bucket list, is also a sense of achievement, and I’ll add to the list, with some things being spontaneous, and/or unknown to me when doing them, but also enjoying the small things in life.

  1. Sleeping under the stars  
  2. Road trip, whilst singing out loud 
  3. Get heart broken 
  4. Graduate
  5. Running up an escalator the opposite way 
  6. Visit all the continents
  7. Knit a scarf
  8. Ice skate backwards well
  9. Home grow food

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