Bitterness. Pain. They say in life nothing lasts forever – yet why is it I should give myself happiness. In this life I’ve only given my all to 3 people, and those people are no longer here. It makes sense to me that love only causes pain.

I don’t want to feel bitter or pain. Yet, it seems to be the only option. Because happiness doesn’t last, so why give myself hope when I can be at peace with pain.

You tell me pain doesn’t last. Yet it comes back too many times in my life. To be happy, seems to be pointless at this moment in time.

I see. It makes the day, go a little easier. But what becomes of each day. One day after another after another after another.

I don’t like this person I have become. Yet I’ve been strong for so long, that I can no long be.

… so tell me how do I live

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