Monday 18th June. Official

Today is the official date of our break up. Monday was me wanting to have a break. Today was enough.

The scenario was this. I was middle of sleeping. I heard him go to the toilet. He asked me can we talk. I said in 10 mins, as I was resting/sleeping. And he said no your eyes are open. *facepalm*. And that was it. Even sleeping I cannot.

I don’t blame him. I see him going in circles, and cannot take his mind away from the cycle. It has become autonomous. A lot of things has happened. And he is young. I, on the otherhand. I know better.

I. Am. A. Woman. I have control. I am confident. And independently happy. I don’t need to be scared. Just go for it. I’m happy. This is the next stage where I have learnt that happiness is in my hands. My dreams are mine. And if I want them to come true, then its down to me. Happiness is the most important thing in life. The Most. Fundamental thing for me. To live without regret. I cannot die, just dreaming what it would be like on the other side. I can be happy.

I will miss him greatly. I love him greatly still. And it won’t be easy to let go. And in a sense I never want to let go. I love him fully. Forever.

Te amo.

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