Wine and embrace

So my colleague offered me something to drink.. I thought I’ll be nice for the evening. Despite avoiding the substance, since my last encounter during working hours.

And as I thought. It has made me ‘depressed’. Alcohol, is a supressant. An inhibitor. Bringing out the feelings. I’m ok. My colleague helps me by at night, doesn’t talk or ask too much, he has his work to do and me in my head.

All I wish for, is not for the night to end. I really dont want wake up to all this reality in the morning, over again….over again….over again….and again….and again…. And endless cycle of heartbreak, and walking around asking for drinks. It’s not the lifestyle I’m asking for. All I have to think about, is this is all temporary. It’ll past. So embrace and hold each moment closer to the heart xxxxx

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