Thursday 14 June

Today I woke up stressed. I woke up a bit late. And didn’t have time to go for my morning run. Even my colleague said to me smile and tried to make me laugh. Everyone here is nice, and smiles, most enough people anyway. It’s a good thing, that every corner I go, there is always someone to smile to, to genuinely smile to. Even better was yesterday it wasn’t busy, and I went chatting away to my favourite guests to cheer me up. Today wasnt a quiet day. (It never gets ‘busy’ aka my kind of busy, enough for me). It was a normal day.

I had to wait until 4.30 break to go for my run. When I got to the fitness centre, the treadmill was used go I had to go on the crossfit again. That was very annoying me all session. I only had time for 27 mins and had to go back to work. I felt a little bit better, but only a little.

Tonight ended on a little high. As I started doing a little pirouette when almost all the guests were gone, and I was just me and the music. Then two of the guests saw me, and joined in haha. #heart. Unfortunately that was the last song.

Overall today. I’m still very very sad. Heartbroken still. Although I have come to the conclusion, that I live my life for myself. And I now have the confidence to continue my journey by myself, if I have to.

Tomorrow is a new day. I doubt I’ll feel less heart broken tomorrow. But I’ll keep on fighting. Things are still awkward between us. I can’t talk to him much. I’m very scared. Very.

Anyway. C’est la vie

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