He’s a cutie

I can’t help it. Im love. And I’m not, never tired of saying it. As annoying as it can get me in trouble, his face he sexy, is cutie. Which sometimes, can be unappropriate. When youre in love, no matter how much you argue, everytime I see his face, so even feel his presence, I feel the love filling up inside me. When we’re apart, I feel lost and torn. He makes me happy. Of course, half the time he makes me crazy. I dare not say, sad or angry, because to me, each time is a misunderstanding. And in life in general, people only perceive as much as they want to perceive, or allow, or understanding. I’m not blaming anyone or anything. But a mutual ground to say I’m not angry or sad, sometimes annoyed about both of us, not being able to perceive the situation better. But love is love. Regardless.

I’m not leaving anywhere. And for certain my love, my heart is for no other, as wide as the sky, as deep as the ocean.

We are different in So many ways, and living/being together so soon as brought many challenges. Love rises above all. We will Never fall.

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