I’m deeply in love

I’m deeply in love with you. More than ever I could to myself, and now than anyone I know that I should be the most important one, as people say, etc etc cos the life is mine the thoughts are mine etc etc. Oprah. I never thought I’d get myself so entangled in another human being again. I’ve never been the trusting type. My parents taught me well. I’ve always been the one who likes to have fun and fool around. So to give away my heart,. To give that away, is all so precious. I had to inspect him, get him to pass whatever thoughts were going on….just like the movies ha.

What makes him different is everything. One. He loves me and in endless ways (as far as my memory takes me) I could tell you all the ways he does, he’s almost as good as my parents ; which is a Big statement. Big shoes to fill. They were the best. Two. I too have changed. I accept. He’s different cos I accept everything, our differences, my hates, his hates, and I’m old enough to understand you’ll do anything for love.

And that is why he’ll never how much I love him. Because our roles are different. It’s not my truest intention to ‘bully’ him around. I too so things for him, and occasionally try and remember the odd thing ha.

But it is your scent. Even if you don’t wear colgene, and is especially when you come back from a ‘smoke’, I see you, I feel you. I smell the bed too, and even in the shower, I smell like you ha. It’s sexy. It’s captivating. Lures me in deeper.

The face that the mere smell makes me understand you, makes me feel all sorts of things, unexplainable only but one word, love.

I love you more and more everyday. The difference is, the most amazing thing is, although I feel like under Cupids spell, I’m fully awake. I know what I’m doing, I’m fully in control. And this is what I want for the rest of my life. It’s crazy. It’s crazy cos our arguments can get so intense. The more amazing thing is, that I see both of us have learnt from them, and it’s Inevitable that we’ll be back together. A strong pull off a magnet. Love is crazy.

This feels like a dream. So perfect. The law of attraction is real. First one attracted the other, but then the pull, the love of both people pulling the universe, it’s so powerful. If only more people realise their power, it could change the world.

I feel unstoppable. And that is what our love will forever be. Unbreakable.

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