Love changes us

Maybe because I’m still young, or maybe it’s another reason why he is The One. Of course the answer is both. I met him at a time when I was lost, and he makes me feel secure. Safe. And now growing, and growing together, it’s so surreal. Although Id imagine how different it’d be if we didn’t move in together, and still ‘dating’, it’s such a pure pleasure to be able to learn together, and especially with him. There are things, that I’d maybe always wanted to get rid of, and never got the support, or even the understanding from others. He is willing to go crazy with me to achieve my dreams, is able to give me real practical and logical advice to emotional situation,…. He made me find my way. And I could have never done that by myself. I’m an independent woman, I am able to live life happily on my own accord, but I am also human. He. Completes me.

A journey together. An adventure. An excitement. For the better. For happier. A. Completion. Whole. An undescrible feeling of the euphoric feeling of being whole can be so fulfilling and everlasting

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