What is love

I love him because of many reasons and I love doesn’t need to justify anything. I love him because he is not like any other I have met before in my life….respectful, funny, loving, caring, true. He loves me, and I see it in his eyes, in his heart. But today I ask myself how do I love him. Do my eyes tell the same story. Is this because I’m just having a bad day, or does the past forever keep haunting me. One, I want someone who can eat me out furiously, that can compete with my level of adrenaline or how else am I suppose to keep on, Two on days like this, as much as I want, I cannot get rid of the untrusting, and prejudice person you are. The fact that you are unable to understand my journey, my adolescence, my closure, my friendships, my biological blood inside me, my history, my individual way of doing things, the way that I’m open-minded to understand you need to do things you’re way.

I’m lost and confused. Two different coins, two different worlds. What am I meant to do, continue to grow up and settle, or settle but not grow up. How is it am I suppose to achieve the latter!? And even if, I settle with one, but not settle my life, yet, I also need to grow up, how. It confuses me what you want. How I’m suppose to act. I want the high life, yet you only give me a mere centimetre of it… something I never would have imagined coming to being with you. I wanted you to take me away, yet you are bringing me back, and chaining me up. I love you, yet I’m confused what the status is. What is our role


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