Why I’m with him

There are many reasons why Im with my boyfriend. This post is not to name them all, as it would be a whole dissertation on it, ha. It is to tell you the reason that has been most on my mind recently. He. Is. A. Challenge. Sure, we get on so well at the beginning, drinking wine together, going dancing together, talking under the stars….but now we are in a position where it is starting to settle, where it has settled to a point where neither of us even thinks about not having each other in their lives, we are always there for each other.

A perfect pair will challenge each other intellectually. You may argue, that, it’s not the right way to go about it. But I disagree. We all have our own ways. And I’m enjoy this, everything with him. I’m learning so much. About understanding one another. Understanding a different culture. Understanding life itself, the way we speak, empthay, the way people act, the Reason and psychological aspect of it all, is So Intriguing.

I love everything about him. His intelligence. His laughter, his smile. It really pushes me to be a better person in life, no matter how not obvious it be. No matter how difficult it may seem on the surface, it is planting a seed; a seed of joy.

I’m with him all the way, as him to me. I’ve / we never been more serious about anything in my life.

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