The road I choose

Recently I need to make some decisions, life changing decisions. And the more self aware I become, the more I realise that everything I do is life changing. Every decision. From the food choices I make to the mear thoughts that motivate me. The love life I chose. The carrer, or not so career, the past the continue to live in, everything is a decision. And I’m torn. I’m torn because I know life has so many opportunities. And I don’t want to miss even one, yet I will make a sacrifice of another. The experience won’t be the same when I’m older, the heart of the young lives on, but so does the mind of am old. So torn. So torn. Which road do I go? The power of my life is in my hands. How can I give birth and nurture a child of mine own, if I can’t even decide which path to live…?


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