The end of the day

A lot can happen in 24 hours. A lot can happen in a second. Every decision you make can change your life. 24 hours is what I had today to enjoy.

This morning didn’t start too well, waking up to the bad feelings that came back from last night..a little bit heart sore. But I got up and continued. My main point is that our ended well. I had fun today. Despite such a down feeling I had, it got better. We played some games, full of the unknown and excitement. It didn’t need to be serious. And paper is just paper. Homemade or not :p. I couldn’t have had the final push for today without my other half, who surprised me with giving me something I want even thinking about or expecting. It gave me a rush of serotonin. And like that I continued to push myself and be a part of this group. Living in the moment, they call it. Most of the time I’ve been living out of the moment, by taking a step back, and enjoying it in wonder of life. But today I was in the game, and forgetting time, any responsibilities or what is to come.

Today I’m grateful, for the people around, most of all my other half. Today, I’ve learnt to just enjoy, and belong, and to let my guard down, and not to have my wall up, that it makes life more difficult, in general and to enjoy. To live in the moment, rather than admiring from afar.

No matter what happens during the day. I find it most important to end the day peacefully, to go to sleep calm and relax, forgetting and letting go of all woes during the day, and waking up to a fresh brand new start.

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