The quest from within

The name of this website has a reason. The quest from within. A quest, a journey, a voyage. Within, within myself.

This year has been a constant battle of just that. Battling out to find who I am. To not lose myself amongst the perils of life. How to get back to being myself? What is that I’m missing? Where has that sparkle gone?

I am a strong believer in changes. To do things for the better. That we must change in life, to grow, develop, and learn. We are all going, travelling on our own little story. My parents have both passed away this year, creating a massive void in my life. However, in return, I am in a relationship, with one that I love, and who loves me. I also have an amazing job I enjoy; I have a roof over my head, money to spend and food and water to live. Yet, I don’t feel me. I have lost my sparkle. My sparkle was a promiscuous girl, but I hated her, I enjoy so much being with my boyfriend. I am happy with him. My sparkle was enjoying taking pictures of life and little and big moments everywhere I go, enjoying the simplicity, the art of life; everything is a art. The singing, the dancing. The innocent, the naivety, the young.

Is the quarter-century life crisis? What is it? How do I find my peace? I try read, I try to exercise, I try to meditate. But where am I? What am I really doing? Help, this confusement. I am loved, and in love, yet there is a void, a hole. What do I need to break free from or should the question be what do I need to seek?

I am growing up. Our lives are changing for the better. We need to learn from the past. The puzzle is, what is it trying to tell me? How do I move forward???!!!!

urrrrggghhh, the annoyance.


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