Update 23/11/2016

Due to the considerable amount of changes and lessons this year, I have been slacking on my reviews and grounding of life.

There is one month left of this year, and it has been a hell of a ride. I’ll leave the whole shabam for when the year ends. Now is an update/a grounded of now.

And despite all the, (excuse the language) Shit, that had happened. I’ve grown up. I’ve managed to pull it all together. I’m amazed of myself. On the surface, to others it doesn’t seem like I’ve achieved much, but looking deeper, I feel proud of myself, becuase in all aspects of my life, I’m still there. I know how to handle what comes my way. And at the moment in time, it’s going well, despite all the past feelings,….I’ve. Never. Given. Up. And I guess, everything in the past has prepared me for that, especially the years of perseverance post university. It all makes sense.

I’m happy. I am stronger. I. Am. Amazing.


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