It is too late

It is too late, becuase despite all that I have given him. He had not able to forgive me. I am sad. I am sad becuase I have no one else. No one else to talk to. No one else in my life who understand, who I can cry upon. I have grown tired of the arguing. There is one way to stop this. But as he is Ordering me. Like he always does. I’ll always remember the times he tells me “I GIVE YOU 3 SECONDS TO SIT DOWN”. I wanted to walk away. I should. And then he tells me he’s not my mother, I am not his toy. He turns around and defends himself becuase he thinks he is the best and wants to be on top of everyone. I really feel I should give up. Because I know for sure this will continue, despite this being over. If this is not over jealousy, if over our families, or its over some misunderstanding of words. I try so hard to remember back to how it was when I first met him, that raw feeling of happiness we give to each other. But finally, I see his true nature, becuase in this world anger and hate and all the rest of the sins, they seem to win. No matter how peaceful I try to be, no matter how much I try to talk it out; to understand….it’s too late. It’s too late. It’s too late. He’s given up on me. Given up on us. I am peaceful person, and my mind doesn’t even want to continue anymore. It. Is. Physically. Impossible. To even think to continue to even talk about such thing…

I love him. I love him with everything. 


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