We are one.

A psychology experiment founds that a all female household has a more likely probability that the females will menstruate at the same time. 

I am with you because you make me happy. It’s always been easy being around you, so comfortable. The longer I’m with you, the longer I feel I admire you. I find you more attractive. That everything you do seems perfect, seems to have its purpose for me. 

I don’t like it when you are sad. I don’t like it when you are mad. You make me sad too. It breaks me to not be able to help you. And how I wish you could become more like me. To learn how to breathe, to be able to channel that energy into something such as our love. To push it elsewhere. 

You are amazing. We make a good team. I am not perfect too. And how I wish we cooperate more to learn and lean on each others strengths and tackle each others weaknesses. I love you. You are so amazing. And I believe, as psychology would say, we will become one. (Although not expecting you to start bleeding too lol) 

Xxxxxxx tu siempre 


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