Soy story continues. I’m in love. I’m in love with the one that I mean to the world to. 

I hear a phrase the other day. ‘A relationship is one big compromise’. And in a sense that is totally relatable. I never want to lose the guy, the perfect guy of my dreams that we’ve worked so hard for. But there are boundaries. I’m not the type of girl who does what people say just becuase, and against my will. I could have done more for this guy, but it’s not me to do so, but I feel I have done a sufficient amount. I love him more than my parents..the fact i would run to him instead of being with them, knowing what limited time I have with them.

And through this relationship I have learnt a lot about perspective. True, he doesn’t explain things in the best of ways, some times hot headed, but to lose him would mean I would lose my life. To listen and learn is the best I can do. Easier said than done. But without him I would never know how to understand from the other side.


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