Joy journal

Today I saw a short clip, about a joy journal, writing about the things that had bring you joy throughout the day, and things you can improve on. I like this idea, as a way of development. Here is mine from today :

I am grateful for bring able to spend some time with my other half, as different and busy or schedules are. He makes me whole again.

2. I’m glad I went to the concert on my own, as it shows me, I have still got my freedom. But I am also very happy, that I have someone else the chance to go to. This shows that I am not shying away or scared, and opening to opportunities. 

1. To learn. To be less confusing and more to the point, therefore explain less unnecessary things. 

2. To think about money, over Convenience, including food shopping and using my car. This is a mega to learn. Work hard. 


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