What does sex mean to me?

It is a natural state of mind. A human essence. A hunger of the soul craving a counterpart. A fusion of energies, colliding together to feel free and euphoric ecstasy. Or a match made in heaven, the feeling of two souls so far apart, coming together and feeling their unity. A one.

Sex can be overrated, …or underrated. Unless the soul feels. It means nothing. Unless the two souls are in unity, unless you are giving all you have to give, only then, you will reach the enlightenment sex has to offer.

Your body is yours. You do what you want with it. It is just a vessel. But the soul, is a different sport. Be careful who you give it out to. Your energy is another. Watch out whose energy you are receiving. Once it is inside you, there is no going back. You have a bit of them inside you forever.

The decision has always been mine. The decision to please. The decision to give. The decision to life.


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