The caterpillar and the butterfly 

Change is inevitable. And the difficulty lies in the willingness to change. How much do you want it? …How much are you willing to bleed for it? Change is something that will happen in the future. And the future we do not know. And that is what scares me. 

Hmm… Some people are so so confident in their beliefs, that their future is in their hands. But unfortunately I have not yet grasp this power to be able to foretell mine. 

It may be something that I’ve wanted for a long time. So long that I’ve forgot who, or what I am. But the change is like a caterpillar to the butterfly. Presumely, the caterpillar doesn’t know or remember that it will/has turned into a butterfly, and it dewells all its life thinking, hoping, wishing it was one at the admiration of all its beauty; while it goes around causing happy havoc around eating and doing whatever it wants. On the otherside, there is the butterfly, that remembers and know all about it and it’s previous life, and it lives in beauty, knowing it has come so far to what it used to be. And how it wished the caterpillar would trust in the butterfly that it would turn out beautifully. The moral is…we all need to go our own ways. To do what we need to do, in order to find our own path. Everything will come in due time, and wishing and hoping, are  just thoughts in the way of the path. We truly need to embrace, and act on what we feel is calling us. 

Be true. And that is all the belief you need. 



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