Be true. Don’t give me time to think

Busy busy bee, rushed off my feet. Head in the clouds, feeling so high. An adrenaline rush through my veins. I long for my chilled memories, but I don’t want to come down. Keep going, I tell myself. And suddenly. I . stop. Hit. Hit me just like that. Wanting a moment to catch up with the family, it all goes well, all . too. well. then it Hits.  Re ali tyyyyyyy ~ …

Who are these people, what do they want from me, where am I going, what am I doing, am I being lifted to where I should be; Scars suddenly tear up, a wave of lost, of confusement. WHAT. AM. I . DOING???!!

I am not free. I am not free. Let. Me . Go.

That feeling of joy, of secureness, of understanding the journey of development into who am I, it doesn’t last forever. and yet again I find myself, confusingly, on the quest again. Perhaps not the question anymore of who am I, but of what am in doing ?

I understand who I am now. I have grown into a developed being from my learnt experiences, but where is this going?

Too much time spent with those who do not lift me, with those who are content, those who do not understand and act like we are one. Tis but just a game. Remember and don’t get lost playing someone else’s rules.

Wear the mask. Please, to play their game. But the underlying skin remains. Your truest devotion, is to yours only truly. Be true and true will come to you.

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