Home is where the heart is

What scares me is living in a place I do not feel truly comfortable in. Sure, it is liveable and I get by. Yet the heart is yearning for more. Sleeping in a bed that does not feel yours. What is this place? Where am I? How long more do I have to bee here? There has got to be more than this, I know it.

Dream, dream, dream, because dreams come true…

From what I’ve learnt, it is not to complain, but to adapt to the situation and take on different perspectives. You are the master of your own mind. Only you can change your world, physically and psychologically. You can be  in a place for so long, and learn to adapt to the situation, but we are all different. We are living souls, a soul with a path, giving us individuality.

To be restrained from such path, leads to a horrifying imprisonment, of somewhere where you do not belong. The soul yearns for the quest to go on. Something to thrive on. To live in its true nature. 

It is terrifying to go back, to do something so repetitively in something that is not in line with your true nature. Of course there are ways to adapt and live through it, by exercise, yoga, meditation, to deepen the breath, or other activities to take the mind off etc. But this is only a coping mechanism. You are only surviving. The purpose of the body is to be able to survive to carry the soul. Any defect in the body, and/or the biological system can be overcome by the psychological mind. The soul has a far greater purpose and goes beyond.   

This story is just the beginning. But as the story usually somehow goes, dreams come true, and no matter how souls are lead astray, they will always find what it theirs, in time through battle, to be able to survive and earn what it rightly theirs.

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