Being alone + intuition

Today I made a choice. It was a choice of a lifetime. A make or break. Was it something I might regret, maybe, but no, I don’t live life by regrets.
This choice was an opportunity that could change me, that could better me further in life.
My decision. I didn’t take it.
I doubted it from the moment I knew I had to made the choice. I am a risk taker, but for once I felt I shouldn’t take the risk. Perhaps I’ve taken too many in my time, and I know wiser.
Do all major decisions feel like this ? Was it a sense of fear ? I really hope not!
I don’t regret the decision, but I do feel surprised, even a slight ashamed. I am a motivated and determined individual, so why did pass away this opportunity of a lifetime ?!  #annoyed
Perhaps if I had some encouragement from others I would’ve gone with it.
…but all I have. Is myself.
I went with my feeling. My intuition.
I think it the first time I be went with my intuition ( impulse however is a different matter).
It’s a strange feeling in a sense. There is No explanation. An unexplainable. I really wanted to take on the opportunity, it was a second chance. I surprised myself I did not.
Maybe you can call it fate….it just wasn’t meant to be…



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