Can we have too much of a good thing?

My weakness: – Ice Cream.    …And after 4 weeks. I decided to treat myself

Some may argue ‘No’, having a good thing makes us happy. Happy is good. And that is what most of us aim to be in life – ‘Happy’. Ice cream for me, is more than happy.. it sends me to heaven, but remembering previously how much I had eaten, – the first time I almost got sick from SO Much, it makes me ponder. Was it worth the risk? – Yes I was Very Content … but I knew this was a temporary moment, that could not replace the long-term happiness I long for everyday

The world works in balance: – Like happy to sad, love to war. ‘Yes.’ – too much is no good, thus bringing chaos.

Having too much of something, especially if it means making us happy can make us addicted. This will lead to constriction, and it will become a never ending cycle, in  which you are yet to realise what lies on the other side. It’s hard because even though you many know what should lie ahead, there is an adrenaline rush, the heart beats fast and butterflies are flying. You think, is it really worth it to sacrifice it all.

The case is not to lose it all. What we need is moderation, is balance. Once we have found our way using newfound, unexplored, self-developing methods to find our feet. The restoration of energy. You are freed because you are able to see what else there is in life.

The Good thing will become a Guilty pleasure, and that itself will still be Euphoric. You’re innocence because guilty, for just that moment. There is more excitement when it doesn’t come EVERYDAY…almost ‘mumdane’. And the unknown of the When will pounce with an element of surprise. Even though you are there waiting, you can dream a creative imagination, building up suspense.

Work hard, and your efforts and risks are so much greater when rewarded.

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