What defines you?

The past. The present. The future.

You ask me what defines me, and that is not a simple question.

The past –              Sure, I feel like I haven’t made as many mistakes as I should have, but it’s not the quantity but quality. I had fallen deep. And those mistakes defined who we are. It has changed who I am today, without them, I wouldn’t be much wiser and stronger. At the time, you could say, I knew, but I didn’t feel like they were mistakes.  Life is much better now I have understood them; it was fun, I don’t regret a thing, but I wouldn’t go back. It is that time of realisation, the need of constant improvement.  I am defined by my mistakes .

The next thing my past has defined me for is the people around me, you can link this to above of not standing up of myself to make the mistakes, but when you are young you know no better and those people mould you to provide you the knowledge needed to survive in this world. I don’t blame them, it is how they are, and the only way they know how. But it defined me, growing and moulding me to the person I am today. I take it both ways; I am thankful for their efforts and the kind pureness I am, but also ‘disheartened’ by what situations I have to deal with in my life. I am defined by people.

The present –          I live in the moment. I make use of every second. And I feel with all my heart. Taking time to understand, what is it that defines me, so I can feel secure of my insecurities, and build on my weakness to strengths. Day by day.. a miracle… I’m alive. I am defined by feeling life.

The future –              The future has defined me by knowing what more I can achieve. The future, itself, is exciting…the unknown … an adventure. I can dream, and dreams can turn into reality. There’s so much to feel and do in this life, it excites me to feel that it is coming. I am defined by motivation.

Of course, the question can go deeper than that, for every detail in your life has a butterfly effect, dominos – some hitting each other, others barely touching, let fate play the part or put it in your own hands.

I am Me. This is me and who I’ve been, who I am and will will become. Greater, Stronger and Wiser, time after time


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