Loneliness is an illness of mine. We are social creatures, as human being. Without interaction. I. Get. Ill. I get depressed. Perhaps one day, or even one minute of confidence to stand tall and look good, and that of course would be fooling myself, masking the pain over a smile. The reason why, it’s so … More Loneliness

Looking from the outside from a different perspective

We’ve come So far together. And now we are working on a boat together. Just like we once talked of. It’s a dream come true. Although I hoped for a oceanic boat, it’s just as good. We’ve experienced So much together. Like I said, what one experiences within a lifetime, I’ve experienced in a year. … More Looking from the outside from a different perspective


Love is in the air. I hear and see signs everywhere. Today was the royal wedding, weddings in general are the best, and hearing the vows etc they make towards each other really reminds me of the situation I’m in. Secondly, night after night is the Fantastic music, singing dancing, reminds me of the old … More Romance

I’m happy

I’m most happy that I’ve been in a long long time. Don’t misunderstand; maybe becuase I’m a little intoxicated. But I’m happy. I’m happy because I have my new family. I have my family who cares for me. And Most Most of all I. Am. In. Love. And I and happy. No matter how much … More I’m happy